KIT Commerce is celebrating 17 years of its successful business.

As the company that strategically provides customer support and encourages market development in our industry, we always do our best to innovate and be the first one to enable our customers to find the products they need in a more simple and easy way. We are proud to have a reputation for providing superior customer service, extensive inventory, and efficient distribution.

Everything what we do is aimed at providing a high level of quality in our system, and the company KIT Commerce is continuously working on further improvement of its business.

KIT Commerce has become a household name for buying spare parts, equipment, car cosmetics, batteries, and tyres.

People are without doubt the most important resource of KIT Commerce. This is the secret of the success of the company KIT Commerce – its employees – they has defined the way how KIT has developed in the past 17 years and the way it will develop in the years ahead.

17 years with you