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KIT Commerce car service

Along with the highest quality spare parts, the company KIT Commerce also set up a car service in Belgrade. In our service you can get the most modern servicing and maintenance of your car.

In our retail store, where the service operates, you can buy all parts of the desired quality. While you are waiting for the service, in our cafe, which is located just above the service, you can have coffee or juice while observing what is happening with your car all the time by the installed cameras. In our car service, the following services are provided in a short period of time: mechanics, electrics, and top diagnostics. Service and the check of air conditioner, minor service, and major service. Moreover, in our car service you can do wheel alignment, tyre service, vulcanizing services, and filling tyres with nitrogen.


Services provided in our car service

Our car service is fully equipped with modern and extremely precise diagnostics. What makes our service technicians outstanding is that our company invests significantly in the training and professional development of our employees. There is a wide range of services.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, our car service will surely do! Expert advice along with the advantages of the state-of-the- art technique is waiting for you, since your safety and satisfaction is the most important thing to us!

The car service is located at Vojvode Stepe 2 with the entrance from Jove Ilića Street. You can find more information about KIT commerce retail stores on the RETAIL STORES page.

All the information related to CAR SERVICE KIT Commerce can be obtained by phone


Working hours

Working days: 08:00-17:00h
Saturday: 8 am -2 pm
Sunday: non-working day

As you know, in order for your vehicle to operate smoothly for many years, it needs care and good maintenance. Our mechanical services range from the simplest ones (such as spark plug replacement) to more demanding problems related to the engine, transmission service, and brake system.


Electricity is very complex when it comes to cars, so you need to have a good electrician to detect and solve certain problems. In cold winter days, batteries can cause the most problems. After a voltage drop, a car will not start, and turning the ignition key confuses even more the computer system for starting. Service technicians usually suggest replacing the computer which can be quite a big expense in your budget. In our car service, the electrics of your car will be in safe hands.

In order to eliminate even the most complex malfunctions, trained staff and quality spare parts are not good enough. The state-of-the-art diagnostics in our car service is as equally important and it will build your trust in us even more. High- and middle-class cars have up to 30 computers that make your driving safe and comfortable; therefore, it is vital that all parameters are set and functional so as to facilitate driving and take care of your safety. In new generation cars, there is a universal MIL lamp, which is located on the dashboard and signals that it is time for a service. Depending on the problem, the light may blink or constantly be on, but definitely don’t ignore it. Our car service is here to troubleshoot the problem so that you can continue driving safely.


In order to withstand sudden weather changes, prevent huge costs or unpleasant odours in your vehicle, it is necessary to perform car maintenance service and check the air conditioner on time. In our car service, change oil or do air conditioner overhaul, recharge the air conditioner, and repair the system from all kinds of malfunctions.

Service intervals for all cars are generally prescribed by a car manufacturer, and, accordingly, vary from model to model. A minor service is the testing and checking of spare parts, and if necessary, the replacement of certain parts or fluids.

A minor service should be performed first of all for personal safety, but also for the economy of your budget. It is most often carried out every 5,000-15,000 kilometres, but it certainly depends on your driving dynamics. Various factors can affect the time interval of a minor service. Climatic conditions are the factors that we have no influence on, but in any case, if you drive your car in extremely cold or hot temperatures, you should do a minor service more often, because there is a good chance that the parts will wear out quickly.

Also, long mileage, heavy loads or driving along hilly and mountainous roads can equally affect wearing out of the parts and fluids in your car.

A minor service includes:

  • Changing motor oil.
  • Changing motor oil filter.
  • Replacing the fuel filter.
  • Replacing engine air filter.
  • Changing the cabin air filter.
  • Resetting service indicator light.
  • Checking the brake fluid level and topping up if necessary.
  • Checking the coolant level and topping up if necessary.
  • Our staff will quickly and efficiently perform a minor service for you, so don’t delay it, because the most important service for your car is the regular one.

Just like a minor one, a major service is also prescribed by a car manufacturer, so it depends on the model and manufacturer. Since all spare parts are more or less consumable, it is immensely important to take care when you ought to have them changed. A major service should be done every 60-80,000 kilometres or more or less every 6 years. Most service technicians will try to replace as many parts as possible in a major service, even if it is not necessary, just to make more money. You will not have such problems in our car service, because your trust in us and your satisfaction are our first priority.

When it comes to a major service, there is no big difference between diesel and petrol cars, because both models are equally subject to major service. The thing which is important for a major service is whether the car has a timing chain instead of a timing belt. If your car has a chain, in a major service you change: chain, roller, spanner, V-belt or water pump if necessary. If your car has a timing belt, then you must change: timing belt, V-belt, roller, spanner and water pump if necessary.

In every major service, a service technician can check and tell you the complete condition of your vehicle, so that you are familiar with the state of your vehicle and feel confident when driving. In any case, we all love our cars and want them to last as long as possible, so we must take care of them and service them in a quality way. KIT Commerce car service with its state-of-the-art service is at your disposal six days a week.

Smooth and safe driving is often connected with wheel alignment. What a lot of drivers may not know is that tyres are checked approximately every 15-20,000 kilometres. The alignment takes 20 minutes and ensures your safe driving as well as of the other road users. Don’t wait for servicing, do wheel alignment on time and take care of your vehicle in our car service.

We have already mentioned the importance of wheel alignment, so it is obvious that carelessness when it comes to checking tyres cannot turn out to be good. When we don’t check the tyres on time, it will very quickly become evident that our car is pulling to one side, the tyres are worn out improperly, and that it is time for a service. While driving, it often happens that we make fun of other vehicle in front of us when we notice that wheel alignment is off. Then it is clear to us that the other vehicle needs servicing. Unfortunately, in traffic, we very often notice the problem of other cars while neglecting our own which can lead to higher expenses later. If a problem has already occurred, we assure you that our staff at KIT Commerce car service will tackle any problem related to your tyres in the best possible way.

The importance of tyres when driving is immense, although many of us do not see it as a significant problem, it is necessary to take adequate care of them. At high speeds, tyres are of crucial importance to us, because even if the braking system is functioning properly, the car may skid. In our car service, we perform all kinds of vulcanizing services. Seasonal tyre changeover, patching inner and outer tyres, dismantling and straightening rims are just some of the services which can be performed at our KIT Commerce car service.

As we know, maintaining tyre pressure is a rather important factor for safe driving. Since tyres are porous and lose pressure over time, the new technology of filling tyres with nitrogen seems like an ideal solution. If you have any doubts about this technique, have a look at some advantages of nitrogen-filled tyres:

  • Nitrogen is larger than oxygen molecules, so it leaks more slowly.
  • Tyre heating while driving is reduced.
  • Rim corrosion is reduced due to the reduced presence of oxygen.
  • Diving is safer.
  • Economical fuel consumption.

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