When Carl Benz built the first car with a combustion engine in 1885, he probably had very little idea how much his ingenious invention would change the world. His masterpiece, the „Patent Motorwagen“, was the ancestor of the convenient, cost-efficient passenger cars of today.


However, besides starting the engine, modern vehicles place a whole new range of demands on the battery. Countless servomechanisms, safety features and convenience devices require a battery that is as powerful as it is safe. It‘s reassuring to know that Berga car batteries ensure top-quality starting reliability for nearly all cars:

the Berga Power-Block provides top performance for modern vehicles with lots of electronic devices and high energy demands. The Berga Basic-Block is suitable for all requirements that fall within the mid-range energy category. The Start-Block is designed to power vehicles that are over 10 years old and have fewer electronic devices. With its tried-and-tested technology and innovative features, Berga offers tailor-made solutions for individual mobility – always in the tradition of the great German inventors and with the flair for innovation which represents standards we all associate with top quality, simple installation and complete reliability.