A battery is a necessary part of any car. It provides electricity for the components necessary to start the engine.

We can say that a battery is the heart of a car. A battery powers all the electrical systems – and when it fails, none of those systems can work.

The factors affecting battery life:

Extreme temperatures

Extreme heat can cause sulfation and corrosion inside your battery. You will usually notice the problem (difficulty with starting the car when the engine is cold and slow charging) at low temperatures.

Irregular use

A parked vehicle uses about 1% battery charge during the period of inactivity. Additionally, depending on the temperature and the age of the battery, self-discharge can drain the battery in a few weeks.

Short drives

If you only drive short distances, this does not give the battery enough time to charge. In winter, the high consumption of additional devices such as defrosters and seat heaters worsens the situation even more.

Older vehicles

As your vehicle ages, battery performance declines due to corrosion and sulfation. The sulfate crystals that are formed clog the pores of the battery plates, preventing proper charging.

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